It does not always require a new lift...

The scope of our services contains not only complete new installations but also modernization of the existing ones. From partial renewal of push button panels or shaft doors, through a new control panel with electrical components to a complete replacement of an installation - each customer-tailored solution is possible, depending on the individual requirement and the available budget.

Each part of a goods only lift can be delivered as a spare part: car, shaft door, complete control panel, winding unit. We provide spare parts for both BKG- and foreign lifts, even for products made by no more existing manufacturers.

Unlike the complete new installation the hoist does not have to be opened when only component parts are to be exchanged. Thus the scope of refurbishing works is always smaller than that for a new lift.

When does refurbishing make sense?

  • when a building is protected as a historical monument and structural modifications are not allowed
  • when the car size of an existing old lift has to be preserved
  • when the structure and the guides have to be preserved due to structural and/or static reasons
  • when the local conditions do not allow the opening of the hoist (for instance in a restaurant or industrial kitchen)

Beyond a complete modernization also individual modules can be refurbished. For instance a winding unit or a control can be supplied and adapted to the actual requirements and existing modules.

The existing BKG-installations can be upgraded and/or extended. The number of the stops and landings can be modified, along with the travel height. Modifications of this kind are our day-to-day business, proved for years and usually more economic than a completely new installation.