Fly high…

… that was the motto for one of our lifts when it made its way to its final destination, 1,571m above sea level, to the beautiful Meglisalp in the canton of (sorry for all these long, complicated German words! It’s not us, it’s the Swiss…) Appenzell-Innerrhoden in Switzerland. This alp really is quite special (and beautiful, you should check it out when you have a moment) in the way that there is no proper road up there, only a cableway, solely intended for the transport of goods and material. This cableway proved to be a tad too small for our lovely little small goods lift – the only other option: transportation by helicopter. Thank god our lifts are not scared of heights. We were lucky enough to get some great pictures and a very impressive video of the take-off of the helicopter. Our special thanks to Stefan Bleiker and Stefan Vukovic from AS Aufzüge in St. Gallen!

Click on picture for video:

Here we go!

But, as always, it’s not only the transport to location that is special, but our product as well. Due to the sloping roof in the headroom, we had to place the drive unit offset to the side, next to the machine room instead of directly above. As proven by the pictures, the installation was done without any issues. So, for your next vacation (remember those? We had them in the time before the plague, they were fun and you got to see new places and all that… Good old times!), make your way up to the Meglisalp, enjoy the amazing view and afterwards have a look at our amazing small goods lifts and at the amazing job done by AS Aufzüge.