Well-deserved employees retired

Just in time for the end of the year, it was time to say goodbye to two of our employees for their well-earned retirement. Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 problem and the associated restrictions did not allow the usual farewell parties with the workforce. Nevertheless, the management and colleagues of course insisted on expressing their thanks to both of them with best regards and a farewell present - at a distance - for their many years with us.


Edgar Jarek

Not everybody will know Edgar, but those who got to know him in the many years with us surely appreciate him a great deal.

When he started working for us on the 26th of January 1987, he was a trained mechanical engineer. Over time, he continued his professional development, became a master craftsman and started working as a construction technician. Over the years, he became our specialist for marine elevators, i.e. lift systems that are installed on ships, drilling platforms and other maritime facilities. He was able to combine his private enthusiasm for the maritime with his job, which lead to us becoming the leading manufacturer in this area. Because of Edgar, our elevators can now be found in all known cruise ships, such as AIDA Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Hurtigruten, but also on research vessels and icebreakers, drilling platforms and aircraft carriers.

Edgar, we wish you all the best for your (not really tired) retirement. Take that rattling motorbike all the way to Vladivostok, sail the seven seas, but above all, enjoy the years that are still to come! You will not be forgotten here at Bunse, that much we can guarantee!


Josef Knaup

After more than 43 years with us, Josef Knaup is also going into his well-deserved retirement. On August 15, 1977 he started his career with us, at that time still as a trained machine fitter following an apprenticeship at the German Railroad company, Deutsche Bundesbahn. However, he did not stay in this position for long. Over the years he continued to progress his professional development and grew more and more into the position of the Production Manager. After becoming a master craftsman, he was in charge of the heart of our company, the production lines for our elevators, more almost thirty years.

Josef stood up for our company far beyond the normal range. Among other things, the entire production process was converted from handwritten plans to digital work under his management, the machinery was renewed… naming everything he has done, would certainly go beyond scope here. Even outside of working hours, he’s still passionate about elevators. Until today, his miniature elevator, built in his spare time, greets everyone who enters our company.

And yet, if you ask his colleagues about Josef, the first thing they talk about is not the professional he is, but about him as a person. Josef always had an open ear for his team and whoever needed support of any kind, got it from him.

And now he’s leaving us – certainly more than deserved, and yet: Josef, we will miss you. We wish you a wonderful retirement, that you can catch up on all the family time, which back in the days probably had to stand back more than once, we wish you days full of fun with the grandchildren and you always have something to keep you busy! All the best, and keep your chin up!