45 years of working for Bunse Aufzüge

A few days ago, we celebrated our colleague Wieland Ruschkowski, who had his 45 year anniversary of working for Bunse. Following Corona-guidelines, not everybody could attend the occasion, but still:  This, we are pretty sure, is a moment worth remembering and also the right moment to look back at his years with us.

His first position with us was as an apprentice machine fitter and once he had completed his apprenticeship, he decided to stick with us – a stroke of luck for everybody involved! By today, Wieland has worked in nearly all parts of the production. He knows about the processing of sheet metal, he knows about the construction of our structure, he knows about the hacksaw, how to set up the punch, the installation of the bi-parting doors… Honestly, the list goes on and on. He is probably the one knowing all the different aspect of the production process best. Not only because of this vast knowledge he now holds a leading position preparing the work. His field of activity is still complex, and he makes sure that everything is going smoothly. He knows the whole set-up of our production like nobody else. If we once again have a last-minute change or adjustment for a lift which is already in production, Wieland is the one we go to. His commitment to the company goes beyond the obvious. He is one of the very few employees who had the questionable honour of cancelling an approved and booked holiday because of urgent company matters. We hope this will never happen again, Wieland!

On top of everything else, he is a feared opponent and multiple champion of our company’s tennis tournament and always makes the time to help his colleagues as and where necessary.

Many thanks again, Wieland, for the last 45 years with you, on behalf of all the colleagues and on behalf of the company. We wish you all the best and, most importantly, that you stay healthy!