Our references worldwide

We are very proud that we contributed our part to a large number of important projects. Please find below a few examples:

  • Burj Chalifer, Dubai – several service lifts on various floors of the building
  • Ayers Rock Resort, Australia- hotel
  • Salwa Beach Resort, Qatar - Service lifts for main hotel and 77 Villas in a 5*+ resort
  • Reichstag Berlin – Food lifts
  • Goods lifts on various cruise vessels owned AIDA Cruises / MSC / Royal Caribbean
  • Cartier in Paris – Service lift
  • Hotel Ukraina in Moscow - 2 service lifts with a travel of 110 m each
  • National Library Leipzig - 12 linked automatic lifts
  • Pilatus Aircraft – Automatic lift with a nominal speed of 1.6 m/s
  • Oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico – Laundry lifts
  • GAP 15 Düsseldorf – Automatic lift with 24 stops

On top of this there are a significant number of special projects all over the world for which we were able to offer solutions, i.e. we have been the only company in the world that was able to develop a small service lift for double-decker railway cars of the Russian Railways.