Components & Spare Parts

Nothing lasts forever...

Why always go for a new lift when you can modernise without too much effort? We offer a variety of solutions for your lift systems.

Spare parts

We have been building individually designed lift systems for 75 years. Our extensive archive with data from more than 80,000 delivered systems nevertheless allows us to quickly and easily identify the right spare part and send it from our warehouse on the same day. If a spare part is no longer available, we always offer an alternative so that your lift system is back in operation as quickly as possible.

Even with lift systems that do not originate from our company, in many cases we can quickly identify and supply spare parts on the basis of technical data and pictures.


It does not always have to be a new installation

In addition to our lifts, we offer a wide range of solutions for the modernisation of existing installations. From upgrading to current standards ("state of the art") to conversion and total replacement, almost anything is possible. We produce and deliver carriages, landing doors, drives and even complete control systems tailor-made in our production facilities in Paderborn. In doing so, we do not limit ourselves to the systems we manufacture, but can also replace and adapt components from other manufacturers that may no longer exist.

A massive advantage here is that we can individually adapt the components to the existing situation and components that are still functioning, thus minimising the bualich services.

When does modernisation make sense?

  • Many old buildings are subject to monument protection due to their age or their cultural-historical significance, and as a result no major structural changes are usually permitted.
  • Mandatory preservation of the existing car size (e.g. with existing transport trolleys)
  • Existing shaft frames and/or guide rails must remain in the shaft for static or structural reasons
  • Local conditions do not allow the opening of the lift shaft (e.g. existing restaurant operation).

In addition to a complete modernisation, we can also replace only individual elements. For example, it is conceivable that only one engine or only the complete control system including all electrical components is modernised.

In the case of existing installations from our company, there is also the possibility of a stop extension, be it an additional stop upwards or downwards; we have already successfully delivered and implemented both variants many times.

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