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The cargo line+ lifts offer the possibility to carry heavy loads and an additional accompanying person.

Goods lifts with attendant

The cargo line+ brings all the advantages of our cargo line goods lifts and at the same time offers the option of one person travelling with it. Like our cargo line, the cargo line+ is designed on the basis of the current Machinery Directive and is also type-tested. The interior control is a so-called „dead man‘s control“, while a pick-up and send control is integrated on the outside.

Like our cargo line, the cargo line+ is divided into the variations COMPACT and TOWER. Both lines are delivered including structure, which is adapted to the different needs or specifications of the building owner.
While the cargo line+ COMPACT is designed for load-bearing shafts, the the cargo line+ TOWER with a completely self-supporting frame including optional panelling.

Our goods lifts with attendant are electrically driven, thus eliminating additional environmental and cost factors such as those required for hydraulic lifts. The components used are extremely low-wear and low-maintenance, thus minimising long-term operating costs.

Louvre Museum, Paris

The most visited art museum in the world has over 35,000 exhibits. To ensure that this enormous number of exhibits can find its place, our cargo line works robustly and in a space-saving manner. Our custom-made freight lifts are the powerhouses in our range and reliably transport light and heavy goods, not only in the Louvre.

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