The powerhouses

Our goods lifts are the ideal solution when heavy loads need to be transported.

Goods only lifts

The cargo line is the right choice in the „heavy duty“ sector. Extremely robust and reliable, yet just as flexible as our dumbwaiter. The cargo lifts are divided into the cargo line COMPACT and cargo line TOWER lines. Both lines are supplied including structure, which is adapted in each case to the different needs or specifications of the building owner.

While the cargo line COMPACT is designed for load-bearing shafts, the cargo LINE TOWER comes with a completely self-supporting structure including optional cladding.

Our goods lifts are electrically driven, thus eliminating additional environmental and cost factors such as those required for hydraulic lift systems.

The components used are extremely low-wear and low-maintenance, thus minimising long-term operating costs.

Numerous satisfied customers, from small warehouses over 2 floors to industrial operations with the most difficult environmental conditions, reflect the success of our cargo lines.

Museum of the Future, Dubai

The Museum of the Future is the latest eye-catcher in Dubai. The seven floors of the 77-metre high new building by architect Shaun Killa are enveloped by a 17,000 square metre stainless steel façade. Several cargo line COMPACT lifts ensure the smooth and gentle transport of the exhibits behind the scenes.

Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland

The UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a variety of sights. In order to be able to supply and reach all areas of the salt mine with various materials, our Cargo Line goods lifts always work reliably. Thanks to their complete corrosion protection, they can professionally withstand the temperature differences and varying material properties, as well as uneven ground conditions in the salt mine.

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