When things have to move faster...

The automatic line lifts bring your goods quickly, comfortably and reliably to their destination.

Automatic lifts

For fast material flow, our automatic line is the best choice! Be it mail distribution in office buildings, book sorting in libraries or sterile goods transport in hospitals. Simply pick up the lift, place the containers on the roller conveyor, select the destination stop and the automatic line SEMI takes care of the rest. Is this already taking too long for you? Then the automatic line COMFORT is the right choice: set the target stop on the container, place it on the roller conveyor, done!

The automatic line is based on our dumbwaiters and is designed and tailored by us precisely to the respective project. We can draw on many years of experience in this field, with several hundred successfully developed and implemented projects, ranging from 2-stop semi-automatic lift to the complete conveyor system with 12 fully automatic systems networked with each other. Simply contact our sales team, we will be happy to support you in the planning and implementation of an automatic system!

Humboldt University, Berlin

In cooperation with a conveyor technology specialist, a fully automatic book transport system based on the automatic linewas realisedHumboldt University Berlin.
This allows students to hand in their books at any time. They are scanned fully automatically and then brought to their place via containers.

Revenue House, Singapore

The Revenue House in Singapore is the headquarters of the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, which is part of the government's Ministry of Finance. The 24-storey building is the starting point for government offices and tax authorities. Our Automatic Line also finds its place here in various areas of application that require a high throughput of materials. While all of Singapore's financial matters are handled in the building, our automatic lifts are used for the ideal handling and optimisation of the flow of goods.

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